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Thermapen® IR infrared thermometer with foldaway probe patented, automatic 360° rotational display adjustable emissivity for different surfaces motion-sensing sleep mode – probe only FREE traceable certificate of calibration (probe & IR) The new Thermapen IR is two instruments in one compact unit, combining the advanced technology of two ETI designed and manufactured products, the RayTemp 2 Plus […]

Now available in Australia The ThermoPop is a pocket-sized, waterproof (IP66) thermometer which incorporates a fast response Ø3 x 114 mm stainless steel penetration probe with reduced tip. The thermometer incorporates a unique (patent pending) 360° rotating display. Simply push a button to rotate the display in 90° increments, enabling the user to read the […]

Serious outdoor chefs can now enjoy all the advantages of the Super-Fast Thermapen even in the dark! Cheaper Chinese knock-offs trade unacceptable levels of wasted batteries. The best of them gives you only 10 hours (at best) on a set of three massive AAA cells! (They’re so embarassed by this they stopped publishing battery life […]

Defrosting your turkey If your turkey is frozen, it is essential that the bird is defrosted completely before cooking. Calculate your defrosting time: • In a fridge at 4 °C, allow about 10-12 hours per kg. • In a cool room below 17 °C, allow about 3-4 hours per kg. • At room temperature, allow […]

New Backlit Thermapen thermometer works in the dark for serious outdoor chefs! It has an intelligent light sensor that automatically switches the backlight on as it gets dark. Our British factory has produced a button-less intelligent backlight system – with no buttons to press. You don’t even need to think about it. When the Thermapen […]