New Backlit Thermapen thermometer works in the dark for serious outdoor chefs! It has an intelligent light sensor that automatically switches the backlight on as it gets dark.

Our British factory has produced a button-less intelligent backlight system – with no buttons to press. You don’t even need to think about it. When the Thermapen is on, a new display sensor continuously monitors ambient light levels. As it gets darker, the backlight comes on automatically so you can read the display in any light condition

Cheaper Chinese ‘alternatives’ can go through a set of batteries in just a few hours. Most don’t even publish battery life in their specs. We Do! With our intelligent system, battery life is only reduced to a minimum of 100 hours even when the backlight is in continuous use. If only used in the light, the miniature CR2032 cells still last 1500 hours! Actual battery life will be somewhere between the two, dependant on the amount of night cooking you do.

Still the only professional choice in a folding thermocouple thermometer, the Thermapen is still the fastest, definitely the most accurate, and now the only one with an intelligent backlit option. Available in Red, White and Blue colors.

Besides the backlight, this Thermapen® has the same features, benefits and specification as the SuperFast Thermapen.


Technical Specifications
measurement scale :- Celsius / Fahrenheit
display type :- LCD with backlight
material :- ABS plastic with Biomaster additive
probe / sensor style :- integral folding probe
power source :- 2 x 3v CR2032 lithium coin cell
power saving :- auto-off
battery monitor :- yes
water / dust resistance :- water resistant
HACCP :- compatible with HACCP
certification :- traceable calibration certificate
warranty :- two years
country of manufacture :- United Kingdom